Dear future readers,

Three months after I graduated college, I was accepted on my first job. Seven years later, I decided to ask myself if I am contented so I went to my first out of the country life adventure – Qatar. Almost a year and a half later, I am still here. Alive and kicking. Getting stronger and getting smarter in life.

Lesson learned? If you really want it, there are a million ways. If you don’t, there are a million reasons. I found a way and stopped creating nonsense reasons about me being “contented” in life.

I hope you’d find a way, too. And please don’t stop…

To all the bookworms and the cinephiles, to all Potterheads and Demigods, to all hoarders and overthinkers, to all those who are in love with love and life, to all those who have no plans of stopping in reaching for their dreams, to the introverts and to the anxiety sufferers, to those who are praying for peace, to those who are all of the above like me, to those who are not like the above but has more, to those who are above and more, feel free to talk and drop comments, I will be glad to read them all. I will be even more glad if we can converse, too.