Maybe in the couple of next posts, you’d be seeing a lot of features and YouTube stuff. I’d like to inform you that hey, it’s my blog so no judgment please but most importantly, I want you to know that internet is quite helpful in a lot of ways for me. In my down days, YouTube has been helpful, Facebook has been a source of laugh and Instagram has been a source of inspiration. So yeah, they’re a part of my journey and most of all I am happy. It uplifts the worst of my moods and it gives me the distraction I badly needed in so many ways.

So, yeah. Don’t get all high on me. Yes, I know internet can also be harmful to oneself. That is where responsibility comes in. You should be responsible of what you read and what you post – got to think before you click. Anyhow, I just want some heads up just in case. I am having some quite days right now and I better make the most out of it. There are some downtimes and little meltdowns but I can manage (YES!!!) and there’s no drama. How about some congratulations to me?