resurgenceIf you suddenly see a very big spaceship in the middle of nowhere and there’s a giant alien mothers of all alien mothers, how scared would you be? I’d be scared shitless, that’s for sure.

…and yet from what I see in this movie, oh dang! It just felt like there’s no giant of a spaceship hovering above them and there’s no one hell of a mothereffin’ alien stomping around and chasing a big white ball. Yes, I have a big problem with the 90% of the actors’ acting. I mean, seriously?! Wala ka na bang itatakot pa?! Ok, sabihin na nating probably they’re used to it or maybe this is the nth time na may dumaang spaceship sa kanila, still, it’s going to one hell of a scary matter.

Well, it doesn’t stop in the acting. CGI also felt short. I don’t know if I should feel awkward or it should be funny or whatever it is pero you can obviously see where the green screen starts and where it ends. I wonder why they let it happened like that. It could have been better, you know. They should know better also since people nowadays know much about the quality of CGI. They know a lot about how it could be better. Maraming mga movies ang superb ang mga CGI nila. I don’t want to think that it was a failure, but I just can’t help it.

So yes, I am quite disappointed. Independence Day was shown back in the days but I enjoyed it more and I’d be picking the first one – acting wise most especially. Hopefully, they won’t be making another one and if they are planning, I just hope they’d pick a better storyline. Opo, issue ko din ang storyline.

I also have one issue… (ang dami na ata…) but I am not that quite brave to lay it on out.. so yeah, I’ll just keep it to myself.