“Are you tired with your life?”

“Are you angry?”

“Are you upset?”

“Can you at least give me a smile?”

I’ve heard it so many times I have lost count of it. It’s so tiring explaining to each and one of you that (1) “I am not tired with my life.” (2) “No, I am definitely not angry.” (3) “No, not upset even the slightest”. And (4) “Why? Do you even deserve a smile?”

Usually, I get these kinds of comments from males. I mean, does it even harm them that I am not smiling? Dude, this is my resting face. This is my face. This is not me angry or tired. This is not me upset or sad. This is not me bored or grumpy. This is just how my face looks. Not because you don’t see me smiling or what nots, you’d automatically assume that I am this and that.

Look at you when you’re wearing your resting face. You look like an absolute idiot. But damn dude, did I ever tell you to smile – did I ever force you to smile? NO! Because, I understand that people have their resting faces and they wear it every single time of their entire life.