I probably have tasted lots of shawarmas from every Arabic restaurant we have in Doha and here I thought that I’ve tasted the most delicious in one of these places. It was not until a friend of mine told me where she got the shawarma she took home for us one night. It was the Turkish Restaurant located in Al Saad, Doha, Qatar – the one beside a barber shop. It’s a busy street – Al Saad – but you can find one of the many hidden food gems in it.

People here in Doha are used to ordering food in the parking area. They’d just blow their horn and a restaurant staff would get out and take your order. You don’t have to park, get out of your car and go inside the restaurant and order take away food. So, we did it like the others do. Blow the horn, give orders and wait…


Many loves their shawarma – beef and chicken, small and large. I should have taken a photo and make a comparison but I seldom order the large one because the size speaks for itself. It’s probably equal to two or three full meal and even if I love food and ‘matakaw’, I can’t finish it. Their beef shawarma is a hit for me – not because I don’t love chicken but because all dishes here are made from chicken and chicken alone so it’s nice to have another kind of meat sitting in your stomach. In it are beef strips, French fries, delicious garlic mayonnaise, cilantro and many more.

The other day, my boyfriend and I got the luxury of walking down the streets of Al Saad looking for a place to fill our empty bellies. Knowing us, we love food and we don’t mind if it’s a good looking or shabby looking restaurant. We were supposed to go eat in a Filipino restaurant but it was so full and some people are starting to go out because of the long wait. Maybe we can go try it some other time. We ended up in our favorite shawarma place and little did we know that they have more seats upstairs. And they offer more tasty food inside.

We ordered a mix plate of barbecue (mutton, beef and chicken) and a plate of half chicken barbecue – all in a very cheap price. In the plate is one roasted jalapeño, some ‘kubos’, a side dish of cilantro and onions, too. And of course, how could I leave the place without my beef shawarma? YUM! As usual, everything tastes good – juicy and grilled perfectly. I am a meat lover so this was heaven for me.

I’d be coming back for sure. Maybe order some other stuff. Or maybe we’d blow our horn again – for our shawarma if we are in the hurry.