The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the QueenThe Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen by Andrea Cefalo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“*facepalm* It’s done?”
And I keep turning the page to make sure..
Yes, it really is done and I want more.

This is quite unexpected for me. I thought that this is going to be about Snow White!! Surprisingly, nope it isn’t. As the title goes, Fairytale Keeper, your journey in reading will bring you to various fairy tales that we grew up with and see for yourself how it was connected to our heroine, Adelaide.

Adelaide, Addie for short, is an adventurous girl who know where she stands and fights for it but knows when it is enough. After her mother died, everything changed for her and Cologne, the place she deeply loves and calls home. It was because her mother was disrespected in her burial by Father Soren and Addie was angry because of that. From then on, Addie seeks for revenge for what was done to her mother. A deed she believes that most probably the people of Cologne will receive, too.

I definitely like Addie and her fiesty character. She may be stubborn at times but she makes up for being sweet at times to her father and friends, most especially to Ivo. Oh, who does not love Ivo? A young man who will definitely do anything for Addie. He is such a gentleman – so sweet and so caring. *sigh*

This is my newest recommended series. I am so amazed with what Ms. Andrea painted in my imagination. I am not really a fan of historical settings but this one really caught my interest. Thumbs up!

What I like:
* Addie as Snow white
* Ansel, Addie’s father, as the Shoemaker
* Galadriel, the cousing of Addie’s mother, as Cinderella
* Galadriel’s sister as the girl in the Six Swans
– (the fairy tales for keeps!!)

I want to thank Ms. Andrea Cefalo for sending me a copy of the book! Well appreciated!! 🙂