It has been a year since I, finally, got into a relationship (insert my early 20s until sort of late 20s). And in the span of those days and weeks and months, I’ve realized a whole lot of things about being in a relationship and being in love. One of the many things I learned is that saying ‘I love you’ to your partner is really important but saying it without saying a word is far more better. It’s the truth that action speaks louder than words. I should believe that because uttering the word ‘I love you’ these days is like a norm – like the way you say ‘hi’ to a total stranger.

I’ve filled up ten ways that I think, and I believe, I’ve said ‘I LOVE YOU’ to him.

  1. Letting him watch the daily news on the internet and you don’t mind even if you’re really not into it.
  2. Laughing together to the funny things that happened in your day.
  3. Supporting him in any idea/project that he likes to start.
  4. Being there for him in his sport events.
  5. Learning how to operate his sound system stuff and joining him in events.
  6. Making a meal for him even if it’s really a simple one.
  7. Making simple chores for him to make his life a little bit easy.
  8. Always thanking him for the simple things he does.
  9. Not dwelling into the stuff being argued and moving on after having a talk.
  10. Giving a hug when you feel like it but most importantly on days when you know he needs one.

Not much and not grand but it’s something that I love doing for him because, as cheesy as it may sound, I love him. How about you? What are the ways you’ve done to your partner to let him feel that you love them?